E-sourcing Logistics - Using E-Sourcing Tools and Techniques to Add Value to Your Supply Chain

Transport networks are ideally suited to the efficiencies that can be achieved through e-sourcing yet for the uninitiated running an e-sourcing event can seem a daunting task. This webinar will demystify e-sourcing and show how it helps logisticians and transport buyers unravel the complexity and exploit the hidden value that exists within the supply chain.

The presentation is aimed at supply chain professionals and transport buyers but buyers from other sectors will also be interested as most e-sourcing techniques are transferable.

The webinar is presented by Joe Critchley who has been involved in the logistics industry for more than 20 years and is one of e-sourcing pioneers. He was instrumental in the development of Freight Traders – an online freight tendering platform – that launched in 2000 and was part of its management team that joined Trade Extensions in 2006. Prior to this, Joe held a number of senior supply chain positions within Mars.