Trade Extensions is a ‘Provider to Know’ for 2016

Strategic sourcing and optimisation specialists Trade Extensions has been recognised by leading industry blog and research group Spend Matters as one of the top ‘50 Providers to Know for 2016’.

TESS Academy hosts inaugural Masterclass

The first TESS™ Academy Masterclass was completed at Trade Extensions corporate headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden with the participants becoming the first individuals to achieve a TESS Academy Masterclass certification for ‘Advanced Optimisation’. 

Complex Sourcing: Are You Ready? - NEW WHITE PAPER

In his latest White Paper, Dr Michael Lamoureux - The Doctor of Sourcing Innovation - gives his explanation of what defines complex sourcing and he provides guidance on what to look for in a sourcing platform to handle complexity effectively.

Customers speak out in praise of Trade Extensions

During Trade Extensions’ European customer conference last week (7 October), industry experts, Spend Matters managed to catch up with some of the delegates to get their impressions of the company.

Trade Extensions client list "probably includes more of the world's top 50 firms than perhaps any other procurement software vendor except SAP or Oracle" - Spend Matters

Following Trade Extensions' recognition by Spend Matters as a 'Provider to Know for 2015', the industry experts have now published a more detailed report on the company that states that the most complex sourcing and optimisation projects are "more likely to be handled effectively by the Trade Extensions product than by virtually anything else."

See your air freight savings take off

TESS enables air freight and parcel carriers to make offers using their own pricing structures and for buyers to compare all the offers received on a like-for-like basis.

Trade Extensions appoints new Sales Director for Germany

Trade Extensions has appointed its first permanent Sales Director for Germany and Eastern Europe.  Fabian Floto joins from CombineNet/ Sciquest where he was Director for Germany.  He begins his role on 1 May 2015.

Using TESS™ for Supply Chain Sensitivity Analysis

In his latest Perspective, Trade Extensions, CEO, Garry Mansell explains how TESS can be used to develop a model of your supply chain and how this model can be used to identify and mitigate risk.

MISing INACTION: Despite impressive results, MIS usage is relatively low. Why?

Trade Extensions, CEO, Garry Mansell was recently asked by industry blog Spend Matters to give some thought to why adoption of Market Informed Sourcing (MIS) is still relatively low despite impressive results.

Quality of data and appropriateness of the technology for smaller organisations are all cited as possible reasons but interestingly, price is no longer considered a significant barrier to entry.

His article, 'MISsing INACTION' is reproduced on the Trade Extensions blog , 'By the Buy' as part of Perspective series.  It can be read in full here.

Trade Extensions grows revenue by 26% during 2014

Trade Extensions is continuing its sustainable and profitable growth and grew revenue by 26% in 2014.  The results mean the company has doubled in size in the last three years.

Trade Extensions Launches TESS Academy™

Trade Extensions is launching the TESS Academy™ -  a virtual training institution for users of its TESS™  sourcing and optimisation platform. 

The TESS Academy offers a structured learning path from novice to expert user and provides individuals with an accreditation that will become recognised within the sourcing and optimisation industries. 

TESCO signs deal with Trade Extensions

Tesco has signed a 12 month multi-user license with online sourcing and optimisation specialist Trade Extensions to use its TESS™ platform for complex sourcing and data capture projects.

Supply Chain Breakfast Briefing: Cargill CTL reduces transport costs by 5% using TESS™

Trade Extensions, Director Europe, Philip Hunter, spoke at Supply Chain Magazine's Business Breakfast Conference in Paris identifying effective ways to reduce transport spend - TESS™ ability to handle complexity and optimise operational parameters such as load factors, empty mileage, waiting time were identified as significant factors.