Trade Extensions launches true cloud optimisation

March 27, 2012 Trade Extensions, the leading software provider for complex and large scale sourcing and optimisation problems, is moving its optimisation solver into the cloud to provide dynamic solver capacity with unlimited restrictions.

The new functionality, going live in the second quarter of 2012, will mean limitless optimisation problems can be solved simultaneously.

It means for the first time, users will be able access a true pay-per-use model and solve optimisation problems immediately.  The new premium service will be especially welcomed by Trade Extensions’ larger customers who are running multiple projects and they will see the benefits in time saving immediately. 

Cloud based optimisation gives access to even more computational power and the ability to analyse more in parallel. For Trade Extensions’ users, it simply means they can do more calculations and more detailed analyses in considerably shorter time.

Trade Extensions, Chief Technical Officer, Mattias Willman said, “The original definition of ‘cloud computing’ is becoming diluted. What people used to call ASP was later renamed to SaaS, and now the same thing is labelled cloud computing. When we talk about cloud computing we emphasise the dynamics and the ability to scale with load, i.e. our customers’ demand. What we are now implementing is a ground-breaking system that will scale with our growing number of clients and their growing needs, while being extremely cost-efficient at time periods when loads are low.”

The move to dynamically hosted optimisation represents the first step for Trade Extensions in making its entire platform dynamically hosted.  This will give the platform more scope when adjusting to load requirements and effectively provide users with unlimited scalability in all projects areas.

Trade Extensions, Chief Scientist, Fredrik Ygge, said, “Having static resources is a bit like many customers having a few shared printer and sending multiple documents to print – they have to wait for all the documents to be printed in turn. Using Trade Extensions’ new services is like having a limitless number of printers where everything can be printed in parallel. Moving optimisation to the cloud is not just a technical breakthrough and we believe it will change our clients’ views on analysis and optimisation fundamentally as they identify new possibilities to use our platform.”



About Trade Extensions

Trade Extensions is the leading software provider for the most complex and large scale sourcing and optimisation projects. Its platform is uniquely flexible and runs projects ranging from simple reverse auctions to complex sourcing events involving goods and services worth billions of dollars, millions of data items and multiple rounds of negotiation.

The flexibility and power of the platform means, along with sourcing, it can be configured to model and optimise practically any resource allocation problem and has been used for applications as diverse as production planning and supply chain design.

The company has eight offices across the US and Europe and is used by a number of the top Fortune 500 companies.

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