London, January 6, 2014 - Trade Extensions, online sourcing and optimisation specialist, is launching the TESS Academy™ -  a virtual training institution for users of its TESS™  sourcing and optimisation platform. 

The TESS Academy offers a structured learning path from novice to expert user and provides individuals with an accreditation that will become recognised within the sourcing and optimisation industries. 

Trade Extensions, CEO, Garry Mansell said, "TESS is used in the most complex and interesting sourcing challenges and effective training ensures users get the most from the platform. The TESS Academy takes this training one stage further providing users with an accreditation enabling them to excel in their current roles but also providing employers with a benchmark when looking to recruit advanced sourcing specialists." 

Using a combination of e-learning, instructor led and, where appropriate, bespoke training, the TESS Academy will ensure all users have the necessary skills to exploit fully the platform's capabilities.  The TESS Academy is available to all TESS users and they can start completing modules immediately. 

Initially, the e-learning courses on the TESS Academy will allow users to achieve a Level 2 accreditation, meaning they will have a good understanding of the platform and be able to launch, analyse and complete a sourcing project.   Levels 3 and 4 will follow later in the year covering more advanced features such as advanced scenario modelling and are likely to be a combination of e-learning, webinars and face-to-face training. 

Garry Mansell said, "Our commitment to providing the best platform for advanced sourcing and optimisation extends to providing the best training and the TESS Academy will ensure we achieve this objective."


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