During Trade Extensions’ European customer conference last week (7 October), industry experts, Spend Matters managed to catch up with some of the delegates to get their impressions of the company:

The full report can be read on the Spend Matters blog  and here are some edited highlights:

“Trade Extensions has great clients - it's one of the things that attracted us to them, the sophisticated client base. You can really learn from each other because they are business-intelligent users. The firm really is what it says it is -- relatively small, but incredibly sophisticated, exactly what my organisation needed. You can tap into what they are developing, because they do listen, and they build around what the customer needs".
International packaging company

 "What is so good about the software is that it can be used in more diverse ways and in more applications than you would expect: not just for sourcing events, but for instance, other events where you need to capture vendor data, it helps us to really understand suppliers."
International retail organisation