Trade Extensions is launching a new series of advanced e-learning modules for users of its strategic sourcing and optimisation platform TESS™.  The modules will be available through the TESS Academy™, Trade Extensions’ virtual learning institution, and enable users to achieve Level 3 certification. 

The Level 3 course comprises 15 separate modules covering advanced topics including Project Planning, Bidder Management, Formula Writing, Issue Resolution, Optimisation and Custom Reporting. Designed for more advanced users of TESS, the new modules build on the fundamental skills covered in Levels 1 and Level 2 where users learn the principals of advanced sourcing and optimisation and how to launch a simple sourcing project on the TESS platform.  

Trade Extensions users will also gain access to an ebook written exclusively for the TESS Academy by Dr Michael Lamoureux, one of the most respected experts in the advance sourcing and optimisation fields.  The Strategic Sourcing Lifecycle: A Brief Introduction provides a comprehensive explanation of how strategic sourcing has developed and also how to identify, plan and execute a strategic sourcing project today. 

Trade Extensions, CEO, Garry Mansell said, “As technology becomes more advanced and strategic sourcing projects become more complex it is essential that sourcing professionals understand how best to use the tools that are now available.  The TESS Academy, and the new Level 3 course in particular, will certainly help our users learn how to use our platform more effectively but the leading edge techniques covered by the course will ultimately turn them into better buyers.” 

The TESS Academy will continue to develop educational resources for its users and Level 4 will be available in the first Quarter of 2016.  This expert course will be a combination of e-learning and instructor lead training covering highly advanced topics such as supply chain tendering, complex scenario modelling and advanced optimisation.


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