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Videos and podcasts

INSIGHTS - Video insights into advanced sourcing and optimisation
Series of interviews explaining some of the theory behind optimisation and practical examples of how it is used in advanced sourcing projects.

A.T. Kearney case study - sourcing temporary labour
Listen how 'Collaborative Optimization' was used in a complex sourcing event for a global Fortune 500 company.

"e-sourcing and better buying"
A Trade Extensions Masterclass presented at the Commercial Capabilities for the NHS – Delivering Quality, Efficient Services conference and exhibition in London in February 2011. Joe Critchley’s presentation examines how e-sourcing can deliver quality and efficient services for the private and public sectors.

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World-class Sourcing and Optimisation Platform 
As the complexity of sourcing events increases, so has the sophistication of the tools available and TESS is used by smart companies to help make the best sourcing decisions. 

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Case Studies

The case studies demonstrate the flexibility of the Trade Extensions platform and how it is used in the private and public sectors to source a range of goods and services.  Read them here.

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Applying Advanced Sourcing Techniques to Raw Materials Categories
Trade Extensions, Director of Support - Americas, Ayush Sharma explains how buyers can benefit from applying advanced sourcing methodologies to raw materials categories.

Leveraging sourcing solutions for better buying and an instant ROI
Learn how sourcing solutions can provide a foundation from which companies can derive significant value, especially for complex categories such as logistics. This webinar will also demonstrate how sourcing solutions have developed from simple RFx applications to suites that automate and enhance the entire sourcing process. 

Mickey North Rizza, Gartner, Research Director
Brian Pavlovich, Schneider Logistics, Project Manager, Logistics Consulting
Chetan Raniga, Trade Extensions, General Manager – Americas

E-sourcing logistics – using e-sourcing tools and techniques to add value to your supply chain
Transport networks are ideally suited to the efficiencies that can be achieved through e-sourcing and this webinar will demystify e-sourcing and show how it can unravel the complexity and exploit the hidden value that exists within the supply chain.

Speaker: Joe Critchley, Trade Extensions VP Sales and Business Development

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White Papers

Complex Sourcing: Are You Ready?
Dr Michael Lamoureux's latest white paper (outlines the nine primary causes of sourcing complexity and reveals the hidden complexity that can exist in categories that are traditionally considered ‘simple’.  The paper also identifies the key requirements for your strategic sourcing platform in order to tackle complex categories effectively.

Optimization: What Comes Next?
Dr Michael Lamoureux outlines how the use of optimization in advanced sourcing has developed over the last 14 years and how the latest techniques give users the ability to build models and analyse data that go 'beyond the wildest dreams of their predecessors.'

Spend Matters OPINION: If it ain’t broke, fix it! 
Peter Smith, Spend Matters UK/ Europe, warns against sourcing complacency and urges organisations to embrace change and new sourcing methods.

Sourcing Optimisation – Extracting Value from Complexity 
This White Paper by Peter Smith of Spend Matters UK/ Europe shows how optimisation tools are changing the way organisations achieve increased value and performance from large scale and complicated sourcing challenges.

e-sourcing and better buying 
This paper demystifies e-sourcing and describes what e-tools are available to buyers in all sectors.

Generating maximum value from your supply chain
It is now possible to optimise complex multi-leg supply chains simultaneously while taking into account user defined business constraints. When used in conjunction with online tendering it can result in dramatic cost reductions, improved service levels and truly optimised supply chains.

Optimisation Puzzle
The amount of data generated during a typical sourcing event makes optimisation essential. Try this simple puzzle to see why.

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The Journal

The Journal - Issue No.2 
Contents: Generating maximum value from your supply chain; E-tools for sourcing logistics services.

The Journal - Issue No.1 
Contents: Tendering Delivers Benefits in 2009; Seasonal Adjustment; Tendering can beat credit crunch; Supply Chain Optimization: The million dollar question and the billion dollar tender

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Logistics Procurement in Emerging Markets - F&L Istanbul - May 2013
Download Trade Extensions, VP Sales and Business Development, Joe Critchley's presentation for the European Freight & Logistics Leaders Club outlining ten top tips when entering new or developing markets.

Multimodal 2013 - The Beer Game - May 2013
Download the resources used to play The Beer Game - Rules, Scoresheets and Conclusions.

Multimodal 2012 - Briefing Theatre Presentations - May 2012
Download the presentations from Drewry, Mars, Heriot-Watt University, Labyrinth Consulting and Trade Extensions.

ESC Shipper Forum 2011 - Greening the Maritime Logistics Supply Chain - Sept. 2011
"Models for calculating Carbon Footprint and tools for co-operation."
The joint presentation from Philip Damas, Director – Liner Shipping and Supply Chains, Drewry and Trade Extensions, CEO, Garry Mansell.

Multimodal 2011 - Briefing Theatre Presentations - April 2011
Download the presentations from Ineos, Drewry, Aricia Consulting, Mars and Trade Extensions.

e-sourcing and better buying - Dec. 2010
Understand the value and limitations of e-sourcing tools. Gain insight into how e-sourcing has been used in both the private and public sectors.

EU transport – April 2010  - April 2010
Procurement tactics and techniques being used by major organisations in the market today and how European freight rates and their influencing factors have been evolving over the last twelve months.

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By the Buy... Newsletter Archive 

By the Buy...October 2011
The October issue of By the buy... featuring a 'Perspective' from Peter Smith, Spend Matters UK/ Europe.

By the Buy...July 2011
The July issue of By the buy... featuring news, views and informed comment including a 'Perspective' from Philip Damas, Director, Drewry Supply Chain Advisors.

By the Buy...April 2011
The April issue of By the buy... featuring news, views and informed comment including a 'Perspective' from Ben Miller, Head of Shopper Insight at IGD the European.

By the Buy...September 2010
The September issue of By the buy... featuring the latest news from Trade Extensions and a 'Perspective' from Joe Critchley reviewing the European freight market.

By the Buy...February 2010
The February edition of our newsletter includes a ‘Perspective’ by Michael Lamoureux giving ‘A brief history of optimisation’.

By the Buy...October 2009
James Hookham of the Freight Transport Association casts his eye over European legislation (current, future and rumoured) and calls for legislators to apply common sense.


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