TESS™ 6.0

April 2017 will see the most comprehensive update yet to our platform TESS™.  TESS™ 6.0 brings new functionality and a radically redesigned user-interface making the power of TESS accessible to all users whether they are running complex sourcing events or simpler projects involving routine bid collection or even auctions.

Scroll through the pages below to learn more about some of the features that will be available in TESS 6.0 and how it will redefine eSourcing.


TESS™ Apps - Guided Project Workflows

TESS Apps guide users through each stage of the creation and analysis of a project and open up the power of the platform to all users.  Organisations can create libraries of bespoke TESS Apps and deliver a consistent sourcing methodology across the whole of their sourcing operations.


Automated RFI and RFQ Creation

TESS 6.0 automates RFI and RFQ creation and once users have uploaded their own spreadsheets, TESS identifies the relevant fields (question fields with RFIs and lot and bid fields with RFQs) and creates the forms for bidders to complete. 


Revised Interface

The new user-interface improves navigation and makes project creation, data storage, data retrival much simpler:

  • Organise projects in folders
  • Free text search at across the whole platform or individual projects
  • Greater use of templates and project clones alongside the new guided workflow feature - TESS Apps 

TESS 6.0 is redefining eSourcing and if you would like more information on the impact it can have within your organisation, get in touch using the form below.